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NVQ Level 2 and 3 Career Oppotunities

- Monday, July 21, 2014

Here in the Beautec Office, we've been very busy setting up some great opportunities for our up coming NVQ Level 2 & 3 classes. 

This year we are pleased to announce that we will be holding free Steiner Career Presentations, where you will be able to find out all about life on the cruise ships from a Steiner representative, as well as being given the opportunity to ask all the questions you need, to find out if a cruise is right for you. 

As well as having this amazing new oppotunity, we also have the return of our free Dermalogica training day for Level 2 and 3 students. This is where a representative from Dermalogica will come to the academy for a day and train you in Dermalogica facials and products. This is an amazing extra to put on your CV, as employers like to see extra curriculum training, making you more employable. 

Both opportunities are amazing and in additoin, we will be looking for a student who shines and stands out from the rest to win the Dermalogica and Steiner student of the year awards. This will open many door as a therapist, potentially even giving you the opportunity to be fast tracked to an interview with Steiner. 

If you love how all this sounds, apply now as spaces are limited and filling up fast. Entry is by interview only so call to book yours now on 02033848427. 


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What Makes A Good Therapist

- Monday, July 14, 2014
There are many things that make a good therapist, but how many follow these simple steps.
1)    Education – Choose the right academy. This starts with asking the right questions. Find out about the qualification, how the course will run, if there are any hidden costs and how the academy will support you during and after your studies.
Make sure you know what you are able to do with each qualification. An NVQ is a national vocational qualification that can be used nationwide and enable you to get a job in any reputable salon. There are also diplomas, always check that these are accredited. Non-accredited courses will mean that you won’t be able to gain insurance and you may find it difficult to work within the legal guidelines. With accredited diplomas you will be able to gain the necessary insurance to work as a self-employed mobile therapist or rent a room within a salon, but you can struggle to gain employment with a company, as local councils want all beauty therapists to have NVQ qualifications.
Always find out how your course will run. It is important to know the duration of your course so you have a goal to work towards, as well as knowing what is expected of you. Additionally, you should find out about how much learning is classroom based and what you will need to do at home. If you are not receiving good tutor support you may struggling in learning all the correct information. Another important point to ask about is your assessments, you need to know how these are going to run and what you will need to do to complete all assessments. You cannot get your certificate if you have outstanding assessments. Make sure you find out about all costs for the course including kit, material, exam, registration and assessment fees. If a college or private academy charges very little for there course, but doesn’t tell you about hidden costs it can actually become more expensive in the long run.
An academy should offer support throughout and after your course. Whether you are finding the work difficult or need personal support, you should feel comfortable enough from the start to discuss this with you lecturers or head of department. Once you complete your course, your college or academy should give advice in finding employment and help with gaining insurance to work.
2)    Good customer service – Beauty and holistic therapist are known for making people look and feel better. You will receive clients from all walks of life and one of the main things to always be is professional. You are offering a service that is meant to leave the client feeling happy. Good customer service is the greatest thing a therapist can have. If there is a treatment you are less confident with, as long as you maintain excellent customer service skills and a positive attitude, your client should leave happy. If a client isn’t happy with a treatment you have provided, you have to remember that the bottom line is that they are paying for the service. If you carry out a thorough consultation and listen to what your client wants then you should avoid any unhappy customers.
3)     Choosing the right job as a therapist is important, you have to enjoy what you are doing. Many factors can contribute to your working experience, such as working for a reputable salon, specializing in an area of beauty you enjoy, and not having any conflicts within the work place. If you work for a salon that has a good reputation, you usually find that the staff have been there for a long time, as well as having good returning client business. Specializing in an area of beauty that you are good at or enjoy will also benefit you as a therapist. There is nothing more satisfying as a therapist to get good reviews on your work. Try and avoid conflict and drama within your work place. Most salons have a predominately female team, and sometimes problems can arise. Always make sure these are dealt with in a professional manor and do not get involved with pettiness. Having a bad day at work can affect your treatments as a therapist. Again, you are there to make other people look and feel better. As a therapist it is important to not share to many personal details with clients. Remember, not only are you representing yourself, but also the company you are working for. Some client will love talking to you about there personal lives and will use there time with you like a counseling session. It is important to remember you must always remain professional when dealing with clients. Word of mouth is one of your strongest marketing points as a therapist and if you deliver an outstanding treatment, but tell the client all about your relationship troubles, she could pass this on to friends and family and this could potentially affect future bookings.
4)    What to expect when working in the industry – There are many varying beauty jobs around now-a-days, from all-round therapists to beauty sales consultants. Choosing the right job is important and knowing what is expected from you before entering a beauty role. Some jobs offer a commission structure, find out how this works and are there any minimum requirements, before taking the job (always find out if you will be receiving an hourly or day rate, as well as commission), some jobs are sales based and you will be set daily/monthly targets to hit. If you aren’t the type of person who enjoys sales, I recommend staying away from high target driven jobs, as they can be very challenging and may affect how you feel at work. Finally, as a beauty therapist the job can be very physically demanding, make sure the employer has the correct working environment for you. This can be very important for long term health issues. It is important to always consider your posture and to always look at your work set up.

We hope the Beautec guide in to what makes a good therapist, has been enlightening and helpful. Stay tuned for more great tips, news and reviews.

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