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The Benefits of Vitamin A

- Friday, August 18, 2017

Vitamin A or Retinol has become the must have ingredient in our skincare products, but do we really know the full extent of why it is so good for the skin and how it works?

Vitamin A is able to penetrate to the very bottom layer of the epidermis. This means that it is directly effecting the living skin cells, rather that most high street bought moisturisers, which only penetrate to the dead skin cells. The living cells are being repaired, hydrated and are working more efficiently due to the Vitamin A, so by the time they grow up to top layer of the epidermis, the skin is so much healthy, more balanced and plumper.

This image shows results from use of Environ's Vita-Peptide Eye Gel after the client had been using it for 6 months. There is a dramatic visible difference in fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation. Leaving the client with an all round more youthful appearance. 

The downside with retinol based products is there isn’t yet enough education on how to use them properly and effectively. Too much retinol on the skin can cause a “healing crisis” or worse, a retinoid reaction. A healing crisis is a common reaction, where the skin can become slightly drier or have a break out due to the skin acclimatising to the new levels of vitamin A. A retinoid reaction is less common with low doses of vitamin A, but can still happen, making the skin extremely sensitive and a rash or shedding can also appear. 

Environ have formulated product that work on a step-up program, allowing your skin to acclimatise to more vitamin Aover time, rather than a large dose all at once. There are 3 types of Vitamin A in their products; retinyl palmitate (mild), retinyl acetate (medium) and retinol (highest), these still give the same results as retinoic acid but do not have any of the nasty side effects. Their step-up program allows people to achieve great skin and educates clients on the dos and don’ts with Vitamin A.



For more information on Environ, you can visit their website: 

Environ Skincare

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Oily Skin: Causes & Treatment

- Tuesday, August 15, 2017

What can I do about my oily skin and breakouts?

Acne and oily skin are some of the most alienating skin conditions.

They can cause frustration, irritation, physical and even emotional scars. Don’t think these issues are just for teens:
This makes it one of the most common skin disorders in the United States.
Before diving into treatments for oily skin and acne, it’s critical to understand their root causes so proper treatment can be delivered for targeted results.
 What causes oily skin?
Sebum (oil) production is controlled by androgen hormones. Oils help lubricate skin, protecting it from environmental assaults (such as extreme weather conditions). Excess androgen hormones (due to puberty, monthly cycles or menopause) trigger an overproduction of oil, creating a shiny appearance.
How does oily skin contribute to acne?
The skin should have a perfectly balanced acid mantle layer (the skins natural protective layer against infection), which consists of 50/50 sweat to sebum (oil) make up. This keeps the skins natural acidity level of 4.5 -5.5ph. When you have an over production of one of these natural substances produced by the skin, the acid mantle layer becomes unbalanced, causing the acidity level in the skin to drop to a more alkeline environment. This then leaves the skin open to infection and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. 
When sebaceous (oil) glands produce too much oil, it spills onto the skin’s surface, creating a slick, greasy appearance. This excess oil acts as a binder, holding on to dead skin cells that were meant to be shed, helping the bacteria to breed further as it is being help on to the skin's surface. 
Proper Treatment for Results
A professional skin treatment can help jump start skin clearing and recover skin health.
Ultrasonic: This professional device delivers advanced deep cleaning to prep skin for exfoliation and extraction.
Exfoliation: Acne skins produces five times more dead skin cells than a healthy skin, meaning the sloughing of cells through exfoliation can greatly benefit this condition. Hydroxy acids, in general, will be effective, as they chemically detach the dead skin cells that contribute to clogged follicles. Physical exfoliants may not be appropriate for acne skins, due to skin sensitivity, but may be recommended for oily skins.
Galvanic Facial: This treatment is able to de-clog the skin and help soften impacted debris for easy removal.
High Frequency: This works to dissolve facial oils, disinfect, purify and promote skin healing.

IPL & Laser: This works to reduce the bacteria and redness in the skin, improving the apperance of the skin. IPL and Laser treatment works very quickly and is extremely successful, as you are able to have treatment every 3 days to clear the active breakouts. The downside to IPL and laser treatments is we are only able to treat fair to medium skin tones. 
Chemical Skin Peels: This treatment uses Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) to highly exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin. With the peels being acidic they help to balance the skins acid mantle layer and stop bacteria from breeding on the skins surface keeping the acne at bay. We say around 6 treatments are needed, with maintainance treatments every 3-6 months thereafter. 
As we can not always determine the causes of problematic skin, we recommend all clients follow a consistent home care routine, as this will dramatically impact the health of your skin and success of professional treatments. 

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Beautec's Social Media Story

- Monday, June 13, 2016

 Welcome to the Beautec Blog,

Please Like and Follow Us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date with the latest special offers and to see the fantastic things we have going on at Beautec…

Click on the link below to follow us, and if you would like to leave us a review on Facebook please do.


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June Newsletter

- Monday, June 13, 2016


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Beautec Beauty Academy Opening 2011

- Wednesday, August 12, 2015

 With Beautec Beauty Academy opening up its second academy, we thought we would take a trip down memory lane to our first academy opening, which was featured in IN magazine back in 2011. Here is the article that started it all. 

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Living Healthy

- Tuesday, August 04, 2015

 We all want to look good and feel healthy in todays society, and are constantly on the seach for little tips and tricks to make it easier with our busy lives. 

Here is a great post from Skinny Mint, who are a skinny tea company. There products are fab and help to aid with the digestive process, whilst keeping us energised. In this post they detail foods that help us to stay trim all year round.

Enjoy reading x

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NVQ Level 2 and 3 Career Oppotunities

- Monday, July 21, 2014

Here in the Beautec Office, we've been very busy setting up some great opportunities for our up coming NVQ Level 2 & 3 classes. 

This year we are pleased to announce that we will be holding free Steiner Career Presentations, where you will be able to find out all about life on the cruise ships from a Steiner representative, as well as being given the opportunity to ask all the questions you need, to find out if a cruise is right for you. 

As well as having this amazing new oppotunity, we also have the return of our free Dermalogica training day for Level 2 and 3 students. This is where a representative from Dermalogica will come to the academy for a day and train you in Dermalogica facials and products. This is an amazing extra to put on your CV, as employers like to see extra curriculum training, making you more employable. 

Both opportunities are amazing and in additoin, we will be looking for a student who shines and stands out from the rest to win the Dermalogica and Steiner student of the year awards. This will open many door as a therapist, potentially even giving you the opportunity to be fast tracked to an interview with Steiner. 

If you love how all this sounds, apply now as spaces are limited and filling up fast. Entry is by interview only so call to book yours now on 02033848427. 


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New non-invasive, non-surgical, Face Lifts

- Friday, June 13, 2014

Do you want more youthful looking skin without the surgery?

Well look no further, as we are now offering Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Skin rejuvenation.

What is it, I here you ask!

At Beautec we like to keep thing simple, so here are the basics...

IPL Skin rejuvenation is a treatment that helps the body produce collagen, making the skin more youthful, and fine lines & wrinkles become reduced.

IPL skin rejuvenation can also decrease the apperance of sun spots or pigmentation marks, thread veins & roseca, and can even help to improve the condition of acne prone skin and scars.

It can greatly improve the texture of strech marks and scars (new scars are improved more than an old scar).

The skin becomes more plump before your very eyes, not only that, but collagen will continue to be produced for up to 7 days after the treatment. Don't believe us yet.... 

Check out these amazing before and after photos:


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