Electrolysis Treatments

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Electrolysis is still recognized as the ONLY method of PERMANENT hair removal.

What are the different electrolysis methods?

Short wave diathermy or thermolysis uses an alternating current at a high frequency and low voltage. This causes the water molecules around the follicle to vibrate resulting in the production of heat, stopping the blood supply to the root, which weakens and eventually destroys the hair.


The galvanic DC (Direct Current) method causes a chemical reaction in the salt and water in the follicle. This reaction creates a chemical called Sodium Hydroxide or Lye, the Lye stops the nourishment to the cells that cause hair growth.

The Blend is the most recent method combines Galvanic (DC) and Thermolysis (AC). This is the most effective method because the lye is more efficient at weakening the hair when heated. This is said to be the quickest and most comfortable method especially good for curly or distorted hair follicles.

For successful and effective results, each individual hair requires repeated treatments.

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£6.00 excl tax


Treatment Senior Therapist
10 minutes £6
15 minutes £7
20 minutes £8
30 minutes £10
45 minutes £15
60 minutes £20


The 45 & 60 minutes session can be used for a course of sessions. (Eg. Buy 60 minutes and have 6, 10 minute sessions.)

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