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Beautec Beauty Academy

An innovative beauty training academy in an ever evolving industry.
We give you the keys to success through our wide range of beauty courses.


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**Job Alert**

High Street Beauty in Halstead are looking for a self-employed nail technician to join their team. To find out more about the job and how the self-employed basis would work please contact Jay at j79s

Good afternoon!
We are looking for a model for a Facial and for a Manicure this afternoon at 1.15pm,
If you are interested then please give us a call asap on 020 3384 8427!
Thank you!!

We are looking for a model for our Chemical Peel class on Friday, £15 only for this amazing advanced treatment. You would need to be with us from 11.30am for an hour. If you are interested please call us on 020 3384 8427.


Beautec Beauty Academy
Beautec Beauty Academy
Did you know that getting burnt once every 2 years, can triple the risk of melanoma skin cancer! Cosmopolitan magazine have a great article on the different types of cancers and what to look for. Stay sun safe, and follow recommended guidelines for applying SPF and covering up in the sun.
Beautec Beauty Academy
Beautec Beauty Academy
In today’s society, our busy work/life schedule gives us little time to relax and recharge. This can lead to both physical and mental problems. These include thing such as fatigue, low immune system, low mood or anxiety and increased stress levels. IV vitamin infusion therapy help to combat these aliments, but can also do so much more. The main vitamin use in most IV drips is vitamin B12. But why is this specific B vitamin so important to regulate our bodily functions. Head over to our blog on our website to find out more about these amazing treatments.

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Beautec Beauty Academy
Beautec Beauty Academy
A very interesting read on IV vitamin infusion therapy. For anyone interested in having drips or doing training, this is a must read.
Beautec Beauty Academy
Beautec Beauty Academy
This month, Stephanie Parkes, our resident beauty lecturer and avid Environ user, has shared her thoughts on Enviorn’s AVST moisturising range. Find out how it has change her skin and skincare routine and what it could do for you over at our new blog. #skincare #skin #skinblog #skincareblog #beauty #beautyblog @environskincare
Beautec Beauty Academy
Beautec Beauty Academy
This month our Tried and Tested feature comes from our wonderful lecturer Steph Parkes, on the amazing Environ AVST Moisturiser. Read all about how it has changed her skincare, and what it could do for you.


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