Tried and Tested Product

Tried and Tested Product

This month, Stephanie Parkes, our resident beauty lecturer and avid Environ user, has shared her thoughts on Enviorn’s AVST moisturising range.

” Since I have started using Environ as a brand, my skin has improved massively.

I can honestly say this is one skincare range you should invest in. Environ uses a “Step Up System” to ensure you slowly increase the amount of vitamin A you applying to your skin. This means your skin acclimatizes gradually to the levels of Vitamin A. Therefore, you do not end up with any adverse reactions from the active ingredients. This also means you don’t end up using the same products for extended periods which does nothing for your skin. “

How it all Started

I started on the Environ AVST 1 moisturiser and I am now at AVST 5 and Serum 2. It has taken me around 18 months to get to this point but my skin has acclimatized very well to the products and I have never had a reaction.

I love that the cream is lightweight on my skin and doesn’t block my pores. Also, my skin feels a lot firmer, which is down to the active retinol in the products. Retinol penetrates to the base layer of the epidermis. This is where the living skin cells are, making them work more efficiently and become more healthy.

Since I have started using Environ, I have noticed that hormonal breakouts have become a thing of the past. 

Environ is a really cost effective product as a little goes a long way, so most bottles will last up to 6 months. 

It is essential that you use an SPF daily over the top of your moisturiser regardless of the brand, but is even more important with skincare containing active ingredients, so it is vital that I apply my Environ RAD SPF 15 daily as well, which is also an amazing antioxidant product.

Overall my skin is better balanced, less hormonal, glowing and my pigmentation has definitely reduced – my hero product!

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